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2D/3D Holograms


Production of 2D and 3D holograms is always in two layers. The hologram images are placed one after the other in these layers. This technology produces a visual depth and it gives the effect of a three dimensional holographic structure. 2D and 3D holograms give excellent visual depth between primary and secondary layers. This results in a sparkling shine on the top layer. When a3 D hologram is put under light, a multidimensional image appears in the hologram. The 3D hologram is a symbol of authentication and protection from duplicity. 3D holograms have a feature known as parallax. 3 D holograms are enabled by this feature to see a scene and colors from different angles and depth. Color effect in holograms is provided by micro thin structures causing diffraction of the light when light hits them.

Benefits :-
1 Several optical layers of images with 2D holograms give 3D effect.
2 It can be seen at large angles of diffraction due to thin lines.
3 2D/3D holograms can be made from any logo or design.
4 Any artwork can be broken into color separation layers.
5 In a hologram design, nano and micro technology text use letter sizes up to 1 micron.
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