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Dome Labels

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Hindustan Holograms manufactures Domed labels that are used in many applications. Equipment manufacturers apply them as permanent marking for their products as they are durable and their three-dimensional appearance catches the eye.

A domed label are much more permanent than many other labels and does not show wear; the clear polyurethane substance, even after curing, hardening, is self-healing. Minor scratches or cuts heal themselves and the label looks like new once again.

Several clothing manufacturers use domed labels as disposable items by affixing them to in-store hangers. The hangers are shaped in such a way that the customer will touch the label first when picking up the article of clothing for inspection. This initial tactile feel adds to the perceived value of the garment .Costume jewelers have also used domed labels for their products.

Benefits :-
1 This label is in priority use in garments and jewelers industry.
2 This label is long lasting and does not wear out easy.
3 This label gives a tactile value to the product.
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