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Dot matrix Holograms


Dot matrix hologram technology is more user friendly than its predecessors. These holograms are made of high quality raw material and their application area is very wide right from pharmacy sector to food and beverages, cosmetics, watches, sporting goods to apparels and hand bags.

In the dot matrix kind of holograms, possible security features are many, i.e. linear kinetic effect, pulsating affect, micro-texts, moiré effect, animated parallax and true color images. Dot Matrix holograms are effective combination of security and attractive appearance, easy to use, availability in wide varieties of colors and patterns.

Benefits :-
1 It is useful for most intricate security features.
2 It is with excellent kinetic effect and vibrant.
3 It is completely customized.
4 It replicates color photographs with visual depth.
5 It provides different color separation.
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