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Holographic Embossed Seals

Holographic Labels

An embossed hologram is a rainbow transmission hologram with a mirror, aluminized layer, laminated to the back. Much like the traditional vinyl record printing process, the pattern is embossed by heat and pressure from a metal stamp onto a thermoplastic medium.

There are many types of embossed holograms-2D Embossed Holograms, 2D/3D Embossed Holograms, 3D Embossed Holograms, Multiplexed Embossed Holograms.

These embossed holographic seals are made from number of steps. First artwork is made. A special kind of transmission master is needed for these seals, so the master is made in a special way. It is called slit master or rainbow transmission master. The Holographic emboss seals are printed using a special technology called embossing printing.

Benefits :-
1 These seals are authentic certifier in many industries and services like academics.
2 These seals are very attractive in looks.
3 These seals can be manufactured in 2D, 3D, Multiplexed embossed holograms, virtually impossible to copy or duplicate.
4 Ideal for company, service brand, name or logo presentations.
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