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Hindustan Holograms explains hologram stickers and its technology to all

He said that Holography is a photographic technique. In this technique, the scattered light from the object is collected and recorded, and presented in such a manner that the image appears to be three dimensional. This three dimensional image is formed by interference of light beams from a laser...

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Hindustan Holograms highlight the benefits of hologram for public awareness

The Director, in his deliberation said that holograms or holographic seals are equally beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer, for both consumer durable and non durable product range. Basically, the holographic seals are the only globally accepted proof of authentic products, produced by the manufacturer and sold by retailers...

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Hindustan Holograms creates new banner Giving the Unique Selling Points of Holographic Seals

Holographic Seals produced by Hindustan Holograms are tamper proof and non duplicable. As a result it is impossible to copy and produce a fake seal. The originality, genuineness and authenticity of Hindustan Holograms ...

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Hindustan Holograms informs about little known technicalities of Hologram Masters

The Director of Hindustan Holograms today revealed a very little known fact about Hologram Masters. According to him, a Master is a needed must for printing of holograms, holographic labels and stickers. As per general belief, a Master can be preserved for a long time and can be repeatedly used for printing of holograms, holographic stickers and labels...

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Hindustan Holograms manufactures Holographic Embossed Seals for special services in industries

Hindustan Holograms, makers of holograms, holographic labels and stickers has presented the market with Holographic Embossed Seals, a special form of holographic seals very useful for special purpose. The Director, Hindustan Holograms, informs that Holographic Embossed Seals are rainbow transmission holograms...

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